Genoa-Kingston United Way

The Genoa-Kingston United Way is a voluntary nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization in DeKalb county serving the communities of Genoa and Kingston. Contributing to the Genoa-Kingston United Way is tax deductible. Your contribution is used for the health, welfare, recreation,
and education of the citizens of Genoa and Kingston.

Our Mission Statement: Uniting Community Resources
to improve lives.

The Annual Campaign

The 2021 goal for the Genoa-Kingston United Way
is $42,000.00. Please help us reach our annual goal
by making a donation today.

How is money granted?
Interested agencies submit their request for a grant to the United Way Board of Directors. The board then carefully discusses and evaluates the need and the direct impact in the Genoa-Kingston communities to determine dollars awarded to each agency.

Give DeKalb County has ended, Thank You!

As a result of everyone's generous donations, we were able to meet, and exceed, our fundraising goal during the Give DeKalb County event! Again, a big Thank You to our donors for continuing to support the Genoa-Kingston United Way!

Who are the members of the Genoa-Kingston United Way?

The Genoa-Kingston United Way is a group of residents from the cities of Genoa and Kingston who volunteer
their time for the benefit of their communities. The
Genoa-Kingston United Way has an Executive Board
and a Youth Board. The members of the Youth Board are students from the Genoa-Kingston High School.

Members of the Executive Board are:
Marcy Billington, President
Colleen Dander, Secretary
Matt Schambach, Treasurer
Christi Volkening, Youth Board Director
Carol Hencken
Emma Warner

Members of the Youth Board are:
Christi Volkening, Sponsor
Amber Fellows, Co-President
Morgan Ferrara, Co-President
Kailey Kline
Corinne Lavelle
Lily Mueller
Brook Pugh
Owen Simmons
Elli Wallace