Genoa-Kingston United Way Annual Campaign

Our 2013-2014 goal for Genoa-Kingston community is $50.000...

...will you help us make the difference in what matters?

The United Way is a voluntary federation of not-for profit agencies. United Way is the convenient way to contribute your fair share to the essential health, welfare, and recreation services in the Genoa-Kingston community.

How is the Goal Determined?

Each member agency submits its budget and program to the United Way Board of Directors. The Board then considers the total agency needs and determines a goal based on the ability of Genoa and Kingston to support all its member agencies.

The United Way is run by concerned people from Genoa and Kingston - your neighbors.

Members of the Executive Board are:

Patti Marx-President
Matt Schaumbach-Treasurer
Marcy Billington-Secretary
Christi Volkening-Youth Board Chair
Kathy Burgess
Anne Hulsey

The Youth Director Board are students from Genoa-Kingston High School:

Emily Wakeley
Katie Thurlby
Katie Gahlbeck
Rachel Gathman
Emma Villella
Tyler Schambach
Trevor Simmons