Genoa-Kingston United Way
Annual Campaign

The United Way is a voluntary federation of nonprofit agencies. The United Way is a convenient way to contribute to the essential health, welfare, and recreational services
in the Genoa-Kingston community.

The 2015-2016 goal for the Genoa-Kingston community
is $37,000.00. Please help us reach our annual goal by making a donation today.

How is the goal determined?

Each member agency submits its budget and program to the United Way Board of Directors. The Board then calculates the total needed by the agencies, and determines a goal based on the ability of the Genoa and Kingston communities to support all of its member agencies.

Who are the members of the Genoa-Kingston United Way?

The Genoa-Kingston United Way is a group of residents from the cities of Genoa and Kingston who volunteer their time for the benefit of their communities. The
Genoa-Kingston United Way has an Executive Board and a Youth Board. The members of the Youth Board are students from the Genoa-Kinston High School.

Members of the Executive Board are:
Pattie Marx-President
Matt Schambach-Treasurer
Marcy Billington-Secretary
Christi Volkening-Youth Board Chair
Colleen Dander
Rachel Gathman
Carol Hencken
Emma Villella

Members of the Youth Board are:
Grace Villella-President
Maggie Bouque
Alec Felvey
Heather Gathman
Jessica Jureczek
Jess Kurpius
Anna Raimondi
Jacob Schambach
Aidan Simmons
Klint Wewetzer